Do you have what it takes to become a Donny Diner?

Do you fancy yourself as a pub/restaurant/cafe critic?

Members of The Donny Diners club will be automatically entered into a free monthly draw. The winner will receive £30 towards a meal at a Doncaster venue which will be allocated to them.*  The only stipulations are, they must be willing to travel anywhere in Doncaster and write an honest, constructive review in the Facebook Group, complete with photos (Positive reviews will appear in the blog).

If this is something you would love to participate in please answer the questions in the quiz below to make sure you are allocated somewhere suitable for you.

* Once a member has won they won’t be eligible to win again until all remaining members of the group have also won. If a member refuses to visit a venue, it will be allocated to someone else and that member will be added to the bottom of the queue.

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